Want to start my projects over

Hi everyone

Please help me out i have completed Responsive Web Design, but i dont feel confident enough about the projects, is there a way to reset the certification so i start the projects all over again? @ilenia have tried helping me out but i didn’t seem to find any buttons i can click on FCC settings



You could have asked again there, there was no need to create a new topic

Scroll down in the settings to find the button

Thank you and sorry about that, desperacy was in power. I dont think that’s what i want to do…so NO i will not reset my progress i just needed to reset submitted certificate project links.

I guess I’ll redo and resubmit then i will see what happens after.


I have noticed a change in links of projects, i think it’s working out as I’d like it to be. But we will see a certification completion date change: if it changes then I’ll be very happy indeed :slight_smile:

The date that will appear is the date on which you pressed “Claim certificate”

If you want to redo the certificate and change the date then you need to reset progress
(Remember that you don’t need to redo the challenges as those are not necessary to claim the certificate)