Well this is embarassing (Certificates)

I were dashing through FCC’s curriculum final projects in Responsive Web Certificates and trying to pass the tests. Instead of carefully creating a website that personally reflects my standards, I write only the necessary codes that is barely accepted by the FCC tests which resulted in suboptimal results.

In between doing the curriculum and finishing the projects I also help some people on posts in #html-css that requires attention on one of the five projects. Upon doing that I copy pasted their code and replaced my code (which I have completed before) and it stays like that until the end.

When I finished all of the projects and claimed the certificates It generated a page which includes all of my code projects which were substandard.

“I can’t put it in my LinkedIn showing all these messy results?” said myself

Thus I proceeded into redoing some of the projects assuming that the page is dynamic and can be overwritten.

Spoiler alert: It is not dynamic. :sob:

Now I came here asking you guys if its possible to “Unclaim” my certificates so that I can finish up the projects and claim it later?

If I know it can’t be changed after I clicked Claim, I would have not clicked it.

Here is the link to my certificate: https://www.freecodecamp.org/certification/alfonsus3d/responsive-web-design

Thank you.


I haven’t tried it, but as far as I know, you can redo the projects. But I assume you have to submit it for the new version to be saved.

I agree, however i ve checked anywhere theres no"redo" button nor theres a “reclaim” button. All i can see is the “view certificates” button anywhere leading towards my certificate monstrosity :moyai::moyai:

Yes and i have redo 4 out of the 5 project

go the page to submit the project, and there if you write new code that passes the tests and then use the Submit button on the modal you can submit a new version of the project

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Hi @ilenia and @lasjorg that was a mistake from me.

All you need to do is to click the “Submit and go to the next challenge” button.

I am so used to the Ctrl + Enter shortcut and I thought that was it.


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