Change Code after claiming certificate / Unclaim Certificate

I just realized, that I copied the hint-solutions into the challenges after going through again and now the code shows up at my certificate.

Is there a way to un-claim a certificate as I want to enter my own code (again)?

check here, I just gave an answer to a pretty similar question

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@QuincyLarson could you please delete my JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification and the Code for the last 5 challenges as I moved through and this time did not work according to the Pledge? I want to preserve my timeline, thats why I don’t want to reset my profile (but will do if neccessary).
Big thank you!

@ironhand89 It does not help to @ a member of the freeCodeCamp staff on here, because you need to provide them with personally identifiable information so that they can confirm your /learn account, and revoke the certification.

Please follow the linked advice to email support with the information necessary to identify your account - the forum and /learn platform do not share the same account.

Hope this clarifies


Thanks @Sky020. Until now everything was quite clear to me. Getting to know the “how to live in the freecodecamp-comunity” :smiley:

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