I earned the Responsive Web Cert but then broke it

I submitted and completed the last project for the Responsive Web Certificate, and went through the necessary steps to claim the certificate. I realized upon seeing the certificate, however, that all of the code from my projects would be publicly available, and I was embarrassed about the state of my first project (started it a year ago in VSCode, copied the user stories in as comments and left them in, the tab formatting copied from my editor didn’t equal 2 spaces so the formatting was just horrid, and so forth).
So I went back to my first project, removed my excess comments, made the formatting passable, and submitted it again. And now the cert isn’t showing. I tried to reclaim it, but I’m given a message that says that I already claimed it, but it also isn’t showing on my timeline.
Thanks, I attached a couple of screenshots.

Welcome there,

Some things to note:

  1. You can update a certification project submission at any time, by resubmitting that project with new material. Be sure to click the submit button, and not just the “test” button.
  2. You cannot “reclaim” a certification. Once claimed, it is claimed. The projects associated with it can still be updated.
  3. Your timeline will not update, if a project is updated, because the project is already counted as “previously completed”, and a certification is already counted as “claimed”.

Hope this clarifies

That makes sense, thank you.