Hello freeCodeCamp

I’ve been away and now That I’m back I’ve forgotten what I have learn. So my question is can I retake the course curriculum? And do new projects. Even though I have a certificate? Can I just push a reset button?

Sure, that is perfectly acceptable and you would not be the first person to do this.

I believe if you go to the curriculum, Menu -> Settings, you can scroll to the bottom and reset your progress.

I think you’ll find that you move through it a lot faster the second time.

note that you will loose the certificates if you reset your account

remember you can redo the challenges and the projects as many times as you want without needing to reset your account


Yes, there are excellent points.

You may want to just go back and redo a few challenges to see where you are, anyway. You may find that you remember more than you thought and/or may decide to just do the challenges, etc.

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