Reset vs Not Reset: So Im back, but I dont remember much... what do?

Hey hey folks,

I never really posted here or anything so I dont mean the forums XD. But I did a decent amount of the course work back in 2017 and then never used any of it and promptly forgot almost everything I learned. I am sure I will remember it as I am going through it but after a recent job lay off I wanted to really dive in here full steam and get my rump into the tech industry and finally break the chains of the service industry once and for all!

<but why babbling chikin, get to the point>

Ok ok, so should I reset my progress since I effectively dont remember anything or should I keep my progress and just redo the sections again? I appreciate any advice you all can offer.

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There is a third option.

To not reset anything, but go through things again. This way you’re more in “review mode” and less in “re-application mode”.

It’s possible there are things you remember really well, there also might be things you remember less well. Not reseting doesn’t pressure you to figure everything out again, but it also means you’ll have to be truthful about what you do and don’t remember.

Maybe you remember how to do one of the challenges, but don’t want to iron out all the bugs in your new attempt. You could just move on as you passed it before in the past and want to dig into more “new” material instead.

You could also go backwards, and start at where you left off and once you start forgetting, then “reverse” back up the curriculum until things are familiar again.

Or better yet, there are places in the curriculum that have been added/changed (and thus new areas for more progress) that could double as something new and review. A prime example would be the new Responsive web curriculum, which covers the same topic area, but uses newer approaches to teach/learn it.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong path, the main thing is to stay truthful to what you know and don’t know and go from there. Accomplishing the certs is nice, but gaining the knowledge is the main goal.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:


Thanks, I appreciate your insights. You’re right, I will likely remember parts as I am reading through it. I have a couple cheerleaders who are pushing me to finally get this done. I am optimistic about this becoming something more than a hobby with resources like here :slight_smile:


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