Had a 6 months coding relapse

Good day everyone. Haven’t posted on here before. But I have to now because I am confused on what to do.
I joined this platform early 2017 and have gotten as far as building the Pomodoro clock. But for the past 6 months, have been packed busy, got my degree in Mechanical engineering and moved also. Now I am free for about 6 more months before I start my Master’s degree and would like to continue wed development during this time period.

I have forgotten a lot, tried working on some simple HTML and CSS projects but I still feel lost.

Please HELP ME… How do I get back to where I was without having to start all over again :expressionless:

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I suggest you review the challenges, it’ll take you less time this time compared to the first time.

You can also check something like overviews for each programming language, like this one: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/html_overview.htm. I use them to review programming languages I’ve used before.

I think i will start on that. Feels like a lot though:neutral_face:

If you are trying to learn the material it doesn’t really matter that you have to redo some work, or even start over from square one. What matters is if you get anything out of the exercises. If you start over with the challenges and they are easy then it won’t take much time to finish them and you would have gotten a little more practice. On the other hand, if you start again are having trouble then that means you still have more to learn and that’s perfectly ok too. What better way to learn than by doing?

Good luck :slight_smile:

You might also look back over your old code for projects. Given that you did the work, sorting through the code might ‘spark’ your brain. It would also be a good exercise in code-reading: a difficulty just now mentioned in the forums for a new developer in this “got a job” post.

Starting from the beginning was what I was afraid of… But from the looks of it. It’s what I need. I will get on a roll with it and hopefully commit to updating and coming here more often. Would help keep me motivated and dedicated :disappointed_relieved:

Many Thanks

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It’s cliche I know, but it falls under “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. And it’s pretty much always true, especially when it comes to something you haven’t used a ton over the years and then took a break from. Like I haven’t needed to code with a table in forever but I can still knock one out pretty quickly if I needed to. And that was all from practice and repetition.

I know going back over and reviewing/relearning everything feels like a major set back, but in the longrun it’ll make for stronger skills. On the plus side, you already DO have experience with this stuff, you’re not coming in completely fresh. So your progress will be faster.

My advice: take notes. Take extensive notes so that not only are you reinforcing what you’re relearning, you’ll also have a reference when need be. I personally really dig Evernote, it’s free and I like being able to type out my notes and paste in code snippets as examples. Plus its desktop version syncs with its online version so no matter where you are you can access your notes.

You got that far- so its more about reminding yourself. Go through and skim over the challenges and it will come back. Leave comments in your code.