Should I start from the beginning?

So I was doing fairly well on freeCodeCamp and then life happened. I was wondering whether I should do a reboot as it were and start from the beginning of the lessons or whether to continue where I had left off even though I might have lost the momentum.

Any thoughts about to begin fresh or keep on keeping on?


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If you aren’t feeling totally lost when looking at the next challenge then perhaps just keep going. When you get stuck on some part of a project you can always revisit old sections. But of course, the person best-positioned to make that call is you :slight_smile:

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I am in the same boat as you. Personally, I have decided to restart from the beginning and quickly make my way down to my last exercise and resume from there. This way the old concepts will be brushed up.

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I think both options are fine. I’ve been through the content several times as a refresher and a bit of repetition never hurts. Bit if you feel confident to continue where you left off then go for it and revisit older lessons as you may need. I don’t see why you couldn’t even do both simultaneously.

I was also doing fairly well here, and life happened too. i need tips on how to start learning all over because attempts to continue from where i stopped, proved abortive. thanks

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I have been trying to learn how to learn better. I just saw this today and there are some good suggestions.

I often feel if I was in a cave with coffee thrown in every day I could power through but with life constraints, it is hard to keep on keeping on.

Good Luck!

Just do a run-through of what you’ve already did.

That’s a pretty awesome video! I knew about a few of those techniques but some are new to me. Dancing every 30 minutes? Not quite sold on that one, but might give it a try haha.

I got onto the JavaScript modules over a year ago, and then didn’t do much coding other than some HTML/CSS.
I went back to the JavaScript modules recently and tried to work through the Basic Algorithm Scripting challenges. Nope. I went back to the beginning of the JavaScript section.