Should I start from the beging again?

Hi people ,well my english is pretty bad so I’m have some dificulties to solve the challengers , I did a lot but now I’m at this challenge
and I feel that I don’t know nothing , It looks that, I lost my memory haha , I don’t know how to remember , or what objects really do,I have some problems with logic too, and because of this I start to felling, that learn to code is to much for my little brain haha, , and in portuguese we don’t find resource as good in english .

So my question is how effecly learn ?
I feel that I strugle to much with most of problems

And sorry for my english , I’m learning by myself too

Everyone struggles, and it seems impossible in the beginning. Start over as many times as you feel you need to. It’s not a bad thing.


No shame, i had too. i almost quit after i finished the basic algorithm section because i was so lost. What really helped me was using the chrome console to do the problems. i molded the function from the ground up. i would take each little piece of array.prototype and play with it until i could see every detail in the function. if anything happened behind the scenes i would create a variable and find a way to put what was happening in it just to see where it was hiding( alot of console.log). this really made me feel like a programmer, i was using my resources to solve problems with functions that i fully put into that console. really made me believe that if a program only knows what you tell it than i was totally capable of doing that, talking in code. creating something from nothing.


This is a great way to learn programming. It may take longer to “play” with code and new concepts but it helps build the mental connections.

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funny you mention that one, I am stuck in this one too.
Sounds like it’s a tough one to crack for beginners. Keep at it and you will succeed!
Meanwhile I’m going back playing with my code :wink:
Don’t give up!

Thank you everyone , I’m gonna start from the beginner in JavaScript but this time I will try really understand ,even that takes 3 times more than most of the people takes to solve xd

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I can’t imagine learning coding in a second language. Do you know about this Portuguese translation of Eloquent Javascript: ? It’s not an easy book to go through, but hey, it’s in Portuguese. Looks like there’s also a Portuguese clone of Codecademy: .

But yeah, with or without a language barrier, the process of learning coding (especially learning JS) is one of repeatedly getting lost and stuck, and often “backing up.” It’s just good to have resources so you don’t stay lost and stuck. Boa sorte!

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