How to refresh my memory on what I've learned?

Hi there! I’ve just realised that the last lesson I took here was in September, when I was ready to begin with the Front End Developer challenges. However…I’ve done nothing since then. :confused:

Should I go over everythign again lesson by lesson? Should I watch videos? How should I revise?

Thanks for any tips you might have :slight_smile:

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How far did you get in? Do you feel in yourself like you remember some (or any) of what you learned?

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I’ve done this a couple of times and personally, I go back to the beginning each time and start from scratch. I often find as I go through the exercises, things start to come back to me and it really doesn’t take that long.

To mix it up a bit, you could always try the beta curriculum too if you haven’t already


I was just ready to take on the Front End Developer challenges/tests :slight_smile: I’m thinking I’ll just start from the beginning again and if I can remember what I’m doing then great.

Thanks for the tip! Starting from the beginning it is :slight_smile:

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That’s the best thing to do. When you start from the top it will give you an edge to knowing what you think you knew before and better understanding will be added.

Never be afraid to start from the beginning. It’s only the patient dog that can eat the fattest bone as mentioned in a popular proverb. Wish you all the best

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I am going to stick my neck out here and say I disagree.

You must have some knowledge already if you got that far. That is a substantial sum of course material to get back through that you will likely find arduous if starting again.

There is a nice video on Traversy media on youtube of a “code-along” where he builds a bookmarking application. Maybe code along with that, and refresh your memory rather than commiting hours and hours back over things you have already done.


Why not try building something, memories of lessons before might come back as you’re thinking of a solution for something. :slight_smile:

for @JABedford and @jmmrdev I have to admit that your idea is less demoralising! While starting from the beginning might be good for learning, you can also learn by doing. I wonder if I can mix both sides of the coin by starting from the beginning AND building simple things. Great idea on the videos as well!

I know full well what it feels like, and to be honest you will probably be put off by the time you get back to where you were :sweat_smile:

If I were you, I would purchase Colt Steele’s Web Dev Bootcamp from Udemy.
In my mind this is the best course out there… Bar none.

The good thing about this as well is that you can skip past the bits you feel familiar with, but actually I would recommend watching from the start anyways. Its a fantastic course with some great projects!

Because I have bought it I can’t see the price it is currently at, but don’t pay anymore than £15 for it. It will come back into the sale shortly if it isn’t already.

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just signed up @JABedford! Exciting times. I got it for 11 euro btw.

Thats a good price and what I paid as well. Its a great course so enjoy!

If you have any thoughts and reviews on the course, then please feel free to submit them here —>

I would start redoing exercises from very beginning. And would move forward until I find that I can’t answer half of questions.
If you wrote a lot of code, better read it all - reading is 90% of programming) And try to improve - refactoring is another 10%)

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agree with @kinospro this. the matter fact, don’t stop to read. adding some feature on base project you doing, that will not stop you to enhance your skill.

You might want to investigate spaced repetition or spaced learning techniques to help things stick in the memory.
They have been mentioned before in the forum.
I personally spend a lot of time helping others as a way to test my own knowledge.

Also :star: great :star: is the Feynman Technique:


Hope I’m not too late to reply. I did exactly the same thing! Despite setting aside at least an hour since Sept 2017, I got busy with appointments and ‘work’. I had stopped at ‘Basic Algorith Scripting’. i would definitely recommend looking at ‘thenewboston’ channel on Youtube. He summarises HTML, CSS, JavaScript quite well. You can almost passively learn while you’re skim reading through the work you’ve done before. Personally, I’ve managed to learn a few new things and brush up on old work.
Better get back to my challenges! Hope it goes well for you x

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you’re not too late at all :slight_smile: thanks for the tip!

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