Starting from scratch

So i have been an IT recruitment consultant for over 4 years now and after putting some thought into i have decided to set aside every second of my spare time to learn how to develop and script in multiple different languages (forgive me if i am not using the right terms)

I am literally starting from scratch, i know the name of multiple coding languages and just about know what each are for although that is about how far my knowledge stretches too.

I have came to FreeCodeCamp as i am determined, starting now that i want to become a developer and eventually get myself a development job, i will hopefully document my journey over the next few months/years and mention everyone/everything that has helped me so that maybe some others can do the same as me after.

I know this is all very extreme (some might say so) although i am hoping some of you will agree it is possible.

My first question… How/what is the best way for me to practice while doing the challenges, i am on level 35-40 right now and although i am beginning to learn about CSS i think if i was given a task to build something from scratch again i would forget the order of some of the HTML, is there anyway i should be practising as i go and how often ie how many challenges should i complete before i take a step back and revise them.

All help and comments will be greatly appreciated.

Be careful not to burn out. Since you are still working a full-time job (I assume), set a specific amount of time each day (1-3 hours) to work on the curriculum. May sure to take a few breaks within that time also. If not, as the curriculum gets harder, you may burn out quickly. This has happened to many who come in blazing.


Welcome to the freeCodeCamp forum. I just thought I would give you a few a quick thoughts:

I hardly ever revise anything I learn- it is just not the way I learn and there is way too much to try and remember. I think you are better knowing how/where to look stuff up than remembering every detail.

I learn most from doing projects, so I try to do as many projects as possible. It gives you something to really get into and you will have something to show at the end of it.

The most important thing is to start. In the beginning, you will get frustrated, confused and will probably feel like giving up, but as long as you keep at it, you will be learning something from everything that you do, no matter how long it takes. Eventually, you will get to the point where you are building more and more advanced projects that never thought you would be able to.

If you are looking for ideas outside of the freeCodeCamp curriculum then you could take a look at these (the CS50x course really helped my problem solving and I really recommend it):

Hope this helps and good luck :slight_smile:

PS: I agree with @RandellDawson, don’t give yourself too much to do at once. It helps if you have particular focus and give yourself enough time to get to the standard you want to be.

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