Best methods to learn on freecode camp

What’s the best way to learn on freecodecamp to really grasp it so as not to forget? Do I have to go over it several times? Just started HTML and CSS and they really are quite bulky. :grinning: :grinning:

Start at the beginning. Work steadily and consistently through the curriculum. When something confuses you, take the time to research it. When you get totally stuck, come here and explain what you’re stuck on and talk through it with us.

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@katoragashua First of all Hi! Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp forum page! As you progress in HTML and CSS and coding in general it can be scary especially at first. If I were you I would keep going. Google will be your friend. When you get to the projects you will learn a lot and those projects will help you remember stuff. Keep asking questions on the forum or join the FreeCodeCamp discord server. There are people all over the community that want to help you. As you get more experienced the more you will remember. Just don’t rush it, take your time, and have fun! Happy Coding! :smile:

Hi @katoragashua!

My main advice is to take your time. There is no benefit to rushing through the curriculum. Just remember there is a lot to learn so it is completely normal to forget things. That’s why documentation, google and stackoverflow exist. Professionals look things up all of the time.

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Happy coding!

Thank you very much. Will be needing all the encouragement i can get. :smiley:

Thank you very much.

Thanks. I really appreciate