How should learn in freecodecamp

Hy freecodecamp communities , today I was going to practice the applied accessibility section and I ask my self why I don’t ask the community to tell me the best way to practice here.
until now I will go to the freecodecamp and go through each topic and if I don’t understand it I will google it or I will watch a video about it in youtube if I understand it I will do the challenge and go to the next challenge I don’t do
other challenges other than I found here because I thought that when I finish the css part I will take time and do other challenges found in different resources
and do the the project found here . do you think it is good strategy? I am glad to here your suggestion.

HI @aemro11 !

In my opinion, go through the challenges, look up concepts that gave you trouble and then build projects.

The most important part of the learning will come in when you start building projects.

That is where you will learn how to problem solve, read errors messages and apply what you have learned. That is how you strengthen your skills as a developer.

Also, it is important to remember that you don’t need to master these skills in the beginning.

In the beginning, it is important to aim for a basic understanding.
If you understand the basic concept then move onto the next one.

Mastery will come with time and experience.

Hope that helps!

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thanks for your opinion, it really helps me.

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