Should i focus on only freecodecamp?

Should I focus only on freecodecamp when learning? or should I also visit other websites. I am saying this because it becomes confusing when I also try to learn from other websites, but I also get frustrated when I want to try some challenges from other websites but don’t know how to do it either because I haven’t been taught yet by freecodecamp because it deem it to be an advanced challenges but not by the other websites, or because it is too inconsequential to teach it but not to the other websites


I would suggest reading the MDN docs for reference alongside practicing on fcc.

The golden advice is to make a schedule , u just said it , it makes you frustrated, i do it and i can’t stress this enough , do 2 hours freecodecamp and 2 hours reading articles or lectures i recommend that you watch some moocs , good luck

i do code academy too, and it’s helpful

Do use freecodecamp primarily but keep practicing the same challenges on your own environment. for example sometimes the code in the editor for some challenges doesn’t show all the imports and some essential setup steps. in these cases you might need to read different articles or documentation to understand it more and be able to do it on your own editor.

Hi there: I am also a beginner and find sometimes that there are certain ambiguities and omissions in the structure of the lessons, that make progress, abit difficult at times. What seems to work the best for me is a combination of several websites (all free!). They are: Khan academy, Codeacademy, Microsoft virtual academy, a mixture of tutorials(for spacific content) on youtube and of course Code camp. I recomend a combined learning strategy because they cover different aspects of each progarming language, and if you manage to do their courses simultaneously, you will achieve a deeper understanding of how to implement each aspect of the languge you are learning, particularly because they also work from different sides (practical vs conceptual) and across different versions of each language. In sum, once you see all the approaches to a problem, you will be more likely to solve it:

I found Colt Steele’s webdev course on Udemy was really great in conjunction with FCC to give me a full comprehensive understanding of coding and what goes on behind the scenes. I think FCC leaves some holes that need to be filled with other sites and resources.