Am I right to study at this website if I want to work as freelancer?

Hey guys,

I just joined freecodecamp recently.
My goal is to work as the freelancer to support my tuition fee.
My question is that whether I’m on the right track to study here.
Any opinion is appreciated.

My opinion is that it’s not a bad place start if you have some programming background. If you however are coming with 0 experience, you may find yourself needing more help than comfortable.

If you find yourself in the latter, don’t write this site off immediately. There are plenty of resources online and there is the forum. While in the challenges, google any terms that you are not familiar with. (like what’s a variable and how do they work). While FCC introduces fundamentals, you’ll need more work to get the nitty gritty parts.


Thanks for the input…
I have Zero experience in programming.
Any recommendations like books, websites, or YouTube Channel for the nitty gritty parts.
Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, other people would have to give that advice to you. I have no idea where to point you to a good guide.

I will say this though. Start the challenges and read carefully. The instructions for the most part try to explain fundamentals. If you get stuck, try google. Then after that if you’re still stuck, hit the get help button.

This and this will set you up. They’re good all-arounders. Thus being said FCC give you tasks which you can complete and get certs.

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It’s ok. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the resources!!

Good luck! Welcome to Free Code Camp!

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I’d say to be a productive freelancer, you need to be full stack, so check out some of the newer udemy courses

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I recommend you The Coding Train YouTube channel

There is some really good old playlist for the basics
Good luck !