FreeCodeCamp better home for developers (Off the dome post for fcc)

Hello world,

NB: This post is off the dome, and, I am not good at English

Hello FCC (freeCodeCamp) team and all developers, I am here to thank everyone especially those who can contribute by sharing coding ideas, any useful replies on given challenges and those who help FCC by finance (donation),

As of now I made my post, we are approaching 2024, Some of us, are enjoying your useful content and coding challenges help us in improving problem solving skills in software development and tech world in general.

I am glad you help me in learning for zero cost, Even If you haven’t received my donation yet, I am sure you’ll, in future!


  • You learn for free
  • The website looks good and user-friendly
  • You earn certifications and get your points for free
  • You learn get involved in large world of developers for free
  • You learn from philanthropists
  • No limit, It’s free world
  • You learn from and with blessed people, you are the blessed one
  • FCC profile is almost enough to showcase your skills, tasks and projects
  • After all, you get job as FCC gives you what to put on CV and Resume


Some coding challenges particularly end-course projects are more complicated especially for beginners, but no problem, we still either try Read-Search-Ask approach when we are stuck, to get the task done or ask for help on the freeCodeCamp forum.

Advice to fellow developers

  • Never stop coding and learning new stuffs,
  • Learn from legacy, current and beta courses
  • Enjoy the free coding world I mean freeCodeCamp for everybody

Thank you freeCodeCamp, Happy new year of 2024!


Hello @Gadrawin !

This such a nice post for everybody in the fCC Staff, Leaders, Moderators, and Community to see.

I would say your English is very good.

May all of your goals be reached with many more blessings in 2024.

Happy New Year to you and all of those near and dear to your heart.


Thanks @anon42932716
Happy learning, coding and contributing!


Thank you @Gadrawin !

I think you post is awesome!

I sincerely wish you all the best and more success throughout 2024, and beyond.