Some words of encouragement

after one month of solving freecodecamp challenges i cant write codes on my own,i still feel i 've not learnt much so far,i’m so curious and i really want to know how to code very well.please guys is their any other thing i could be doing that will boost my ability to know how to code apart from solving freecodecamp challenges

I removed the challenge link and (working) solution because it wasn’t relevant to your question and you don’t need help on it.

As to your question…

You’ve probably learned more than you realize. And devs don’t memorize all this stuff but get really good at googling stuff.

What to do besides FCC?

I think a structured program like FCC should be the core, a framing device for your studies. The number one thing you can do is just keep learning new things. And keep building things. In the context of the program you’re building things, but once you get to a certain point, start thinking about side projects. That’s really what will get you a job. You may not be there yet, but once you to a certain point, you will want to start thinking about that.

What you’re feeling is very common. If you look through the forum, you will find many posts like this.

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