Assume I finished the whole content in this freecode camp, could I possibly get at least an intern of coding?

I have just finished Dr. Chucks "python for everyone" course on coursera, and I really,really really really enjoyed his class, and even got an itch to learn all courses from him and really want to finish the content of this camp. The thing is , I really coundnt affort to have too long gap between works, so how long could I possibly get at least an internship in coding area? ( I have no other coding experience but could study in full-time)

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The amount of work and independent study required to complete all of freeCodCamp would probably mean building enough skills to qualify for an entry level developer position.


That doesn’t translate to “if you complete the curriculum, you will get a job”. You will have learned a lot, but successful job hunting depends on being able to demonstrate your skills and experience to potential employers. In other words, if the only change to your resume is adding “freeCodeCamp Full Stack Certificate”, that isn’t going to mean much.

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thanks for your reply! putting into enough work and throughly study time on all the materials are what I am planning to do. It is nice to know the content of this camp is sturdy. Thanks!!

There aren’t many people (maybe even none?) that do 100% of everything before getting a job. This was true before the addition of the Python curriculum.

If you are able to get multiple certs, and build multiple outside of the curriculum, you should have enough demonstratable skills to be able to get a job. Then the task becomes refining your skills, including your job hunting ones.

There are also a number of topics that aren’t gone over in freeCodeCamp you might want to take up on the side. FCC has a lot of topics, but it isn’t a one stop shop of everything. Something like knowing how git works, and setting up your own local development environment aren’t covered, but something that you’d probably want to learn, as its asked for as a “nice to have” for a lot of jobs.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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WOW this is a super live community, thanks for your considerate recommandation and thoughtful suggestion.

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you mean most don’t complete the 10 courses that i keep seeing at the bottom of page?
you’d probably need all except the python stuff, no?

Most never completed the original certs and the take home projects listed at the very bottom before getting a job, at which point they usually got busy and stopped going through.The Python related curriculum is new and thus weren’t included.

Its possible there are now people who have gone through everything, but that shouldn’t be the primary goal for most. Its possible to get a job before completing every single one. Its also possible you don’t get one before completing most of them.

It depends on a number of factors, not all of which you can control. FreeCodeCamp is a great place to start and use a framework, but it alone usually isn’t enough.

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