Finding a job after freeCodeCamp

If i complete at least the responsive web design, Javascript algorithms and data structures, and front-end libraries certifications will i be able to find a web development job afterwards? or at least find some online freelance gigs to get some real life projects in my portfolio that can convince potential employers to hire me?

Were you able to find a job after completing the fundamental freeCodeCamp curriculums? i’d like to know your experiences and advice.

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I have completed some of the certificates here and all I will say is that completing all of the certificates offered here will not guarantee that you will find employment afterwards. I think it will definitely put you on the right path, but I feel like you would need a more substantial project, based on the skills learned here or to contribute to some open-source project in a meaningful way.

Some people will chime in with better advice, but I think my advice is still good =)

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I can say that I believe the freeCodeCamp curriculum to be a good framework for learning enough to be job-ready.

I cannot in any way guess whether you will be able to find a job after completing it.

I significant part of becoming a developer comes down to how you choose to approach learning and writing code. Being driven, engaged, and personally invested of the quality of your work are important traits. It’s possible to complete the freeCodeCamp curriculum without them.



Im just beginning here and maybe im not the right person to advice you but i read a lot about it and i can tell you that its a process and complete the certifications are the steps you need to reach your goals. Work in a group and try some stuffs in github can help you. Have you ever think about develop your own project ? Its a good way to creat your portfolio.

could you please let us know , how long it takes from you to obtain some of the certificates.


It will take different people different amounts of time. If you already have a good background, then you may be able to get some of the certificates could be obtained in an afternoon, some may take you a couple of weeks or more. It all depends on how quickly you learn and if you already have a good background.