Need advice / encouragement

Hi everyone.

I just completed my masters degree in computer science engineering (india) but unfortunately I didnt get a job.

I do have 1 year of work experience as a software engineer in C# but it took the joy of learning out of me so I came to freecodecamp to make learning fun again and also to get a job fast.

I planned to do at least the first 2 certifications (out of 7) so i can get a web dev job in a local company that is near me. They have a very basic interview but I need to learn the basics of web dev - html, css, javascript.

I managed to do ~20 days of consistent progress but I just reached the first survey form project in Responsive Web Design. This feels a bit demotivating because its taking so long so I thought why not ask around if I should try youtube courses or to others speed up?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone in advance.

Well, I will suggest you, don’t be panic just continuos and improve your learning until or unless you don’t get the job.
Apart from this you also need to be consistency, focussed, consideration of freelancing and many other things that can help you to find job easily.

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Thank you @gulshan212.

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