17yo wants some advices for coding

Hello there fellow mates! My name is Daniel and I’m 17 years old.

I’m new to coding and I’m fully motivated to learn , but I have a big anxiety about not making it , I don’t think I will go to college (I can’t tell you the reasons) and I’m afraid of not getting a job in IT without a degree .

As I said , I’m fully motivated to learn coding , but I’m also thinking about what if freecodecamp is not gonna be enough for me to get a job.

What else I would be able to do after I finish the C.V so i can get a job.

Any advices?

It is far easier to get a job with a degree. That said, the self-taught route can work, but you need to demonstrate that you have equivalent skills to someone who has a college degree. You’ll want to look at lots of different resources. This has been asked a bunch of times on the forum and people have posted some pretty good lists of additional resources, so I’d start by looking up those lists.

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This isn’t an “if”. It’s a certainty that FCC is not enough to get a job. There’s a lot to learn in web development, this will give you an idea of what to learn: Learn to become a modern frontend developer

I’d recommend taking the CS50X online course as a first step though, especially if you know you won’t be going to college.

I think FCC not enough is a bit overstatement.

My recommendation is:

  • html/css on FCC
  • build the projects
  • JavaScript on fcc, build the projects
  • react on fcc, use create-react-app and build projects
  • start pushing your code to GitHub as you work
  • back end on FCC, use create-react-app again for front ends, and make sure to push to GitHub.
  • for the backend projects on fcc, go a step further and make professional looking frontends

By this point, you should have enough skill for junior jobs. So:

  • optimize your LinkedIn
  • make your resume
  • start applying 3-5 jobs/day. Focus on recently posted jobs, junior and/or apprentice / entry level only

From here refine your job search and skills until you land something.


Thanks for the advice I really needed to hear that , it made me feel motivated and I’m glad to know that I still have a chance to get hired if I work hard enough and believe in myself.

Thank you Ethan!


I think yes still you have a chance if you can show your skills. All the best!

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