No Degree and Seeking Advice

HI everyone.
I’m doing FCC with no degree whatsoever, and hoping finishing all of the way with a good strong portfolio will land me a full time internship and/or job.
Anyone have any advice other than going back to get my bachelor in CS or CIS?

A degree never hurts if you can do it.

With that said, FreeCodeCamp will give you a very good start to getting your foot in the door. Do the FCC projects, Do your own personal projects, make a really nice portfolio and then start applying. Getting a developer job with no college degree is very doable.

You can land your dream job without degree, thats for sure.
Im in IT game for more than a decade (well, support, administration and network stuff) but i lacked my CS degree and i did(and still do) just fine. Its all about passion and gaining knowledge while you enjoy that what you are doing.
I seek for a challenge and career change so i am learning web development as my main goal. I enrolled at college at 35 and hopefully i am graduating next year while learning here at freecodecamp.
Did i mention kids? :slight_smile:
Yeah, point here is, everything you put your mind to, can be achieved. Believe in yourself, keep learning and get that gig!


Generally speaking here’s what you need:

  1. Technical competence in the technology a company needs
  2. Understanding of fundamental Data Structures, basic algorithms knowledge
  3. Enthusiasm and dedication to learning
  4. Ability to sell yourself and background in a positive light
  5. Growth mindset

Get all of these things, pick a particular type of company you’d like to work for, and develop the skillset that that type of company requires.

Get feedback as you go through this process to make sure you’re on the right path.

Forget learning all the latest fad technologies. Focus on what companies are specifically looking for.

Network with people, tell everyone you know what your goal is. Get coffees with people that are in positions you’d like to be in, pick their brain and ask for advice. Always offer to pay for the coffee.

Everyone focuses on portfolios, but honestly I don’t even have one, and I’ve worked at a dozen or so different companies, so meh. You just need to demonstrate competence. How you do that is up to you.

Have amazing projects that speak for themselves. This way when you do apply, you already have amazing work. The more time you invest in your projects, will also help you better understand the code! goodluck, i’m trying to find a job too.