I got a job without a degree!

I am a 30 year old who dropped out of college almost ten years ago and spent the last five years living in Cambodia as an English teacher. I started freeCodeCamp in February of 2018 and finished in October. I got a part time job working remotely at a startup in January, which was very cool and made me feel like I had made my dreams of becoming a developer come true, but I was paid a low hourly rate with no benefits and the company was a bit disorganized to be honest. My dreams really came into reality when I was offered a full time position at a large tech firm in Seattle last Friday!

I really can say that freeCodeCamp played a huge part in my success, and anyone that is questioning whether or not it is possible for them should know that it is. Put the time in, keep at it, and you too will get a job. It takes a lot of hard work, but I really do believe that any one can do it.



Congrats man. Your story is inspirational.
How did you apply for the job? How many interviews and how were they like? What position were you offered and what advice can you give to someone from Nigeria looking for a job in the US?

Congratulations on achieving your dream! :tada:

I looked through all of my Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts, and their friends and contacts, and emailed anyone in the software industry asking for a referral, and luckily one of them reponded and got me an interview. There were two phone interviews and one in-person interview day that consisted of three separate interviews. One of the phone intervews was technical, and one of the in-person interviews was as well, consisting of whiteboarding. My advice is to just keep studying and try to reach out to everyone you can who could potentialy help you. Nothing wrong with asking for help!


Fantastic story cs :slight_smile: Mind sharing a link to your portfolio?

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Congratulations man! :clap: