I got my front end job! [TX,US]

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to Quincy Larson and everyone that’s contributed to freeCodeCamp.

Without freeCodeCamp, I would not have had the guidance I needed to learn web development.

For anyone aspiring for a front end position, I’ll go ahead and give you a heads up on the skills that got me my job:

  1. Flexbox
  2. CSS Grid
  3. sass(which I didn’t know as well as I should have during the interview but I’ve gone back and learned it much better)

More than anything, you’ll need a passion for code. At first, I was doing 5-10 hours/week, but I’ve been doing this 20-30 hours per week for months now(with a full time job and a 6 month year old baby at home). I learned React, MongoDB, Node/Express, D3, etc. Ironically, these skills weren’t needed for my job that I have now, but the passion for learning code that came with it helped tremendously. I loved coding so much that I decided that even if I never got a job doing it, that it was okay because I love it even as a hobby and it makes me a better thinker.

If you guys haven’t checked out Chingu Cohorts, be sure to do so. Remote collaborative coding is awesome regardless of your skill level :sunglasses:

I hope I can find ways to give back to freeCodeCamp. It’s been a life changing resource.

Good luck everyone, and thank you again for this great community.


:clap::clap::clap::clap: Well done and thanks for sharing!

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Congrats :raised_hands: :tada::zap: ! And thanks for the tips!

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That’s awesome! Congrats!

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that’s great! congrats on your success & hope your luck will always with you!!!

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Good to hear that , I’m new here :slight_smile:


hope you all success :wink:

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Congrats man. I hope to share my own success story soon


a few questions for follow up:

What country/region are you based in?

How many apps/interviews did you have before landing the job?

What was your portfolio like? Full stack apps? Mini projects? can you link to Github?

What did you resume look like? Did you include non-technical job experience?

What was your interview like? Any standout questions or ‘gotchas’ to be aware of?

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Awesome! I hope I will be luckily enough to be offered a front-end web development job as well.

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Congrats, @eolculnamo2! Happy to hear the good news. Wishing you all the best on your Front-End Developer position!

congrats. how long have you been learning code? Any degrees or certs?

Thank you!

I’m out of Dallas, TX.

I filled out tons of indeed applications (Most people don’t much luck with indeed… Networking is better). I don’t know the exact number that I filled out, but I got my first interview and didn’t get the job. My job was from the second interview.

My portfolio kind of sucks for the job I got. I need to go back and redo it(it’s been a while since I made it). I had a lot of my full stack projects on it, but not many good looking websites.

I definitely included non-technical experience. It was important to me that I showed them that I had work history. I put my skillset front and center though. By that, I mean that I list out all of the skills that I am honest proficient at.

The interview was interesting. They had me do a 30 minute coding challenge, they liked the way I wrote css and scheduled a second interview. For the second interview, I had a two hour challenge replicating a wireframe for both a desktop and mobile version. There were some curve balls as far as how the elements were ordered from the desktop and the mobile(which css grid templates worked perfect for).

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Thank you!

I have an undergrad degree in Religion lol.

I finished all three fcc certs, but the skills I needed were only from the first cert + flexbox, css grid, and sass


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