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Hello everyone,
I wanted to say thank you to the freecodecamp community and the chingu cohorts for giving me the confidence to apply for jobs which helped me find one sooner than expected, and I have been at this job for 2 weeks and I really like it so far, both the things I do and the firm I work at, and I hope to stay here a lot. I really want to make a real career out of web development and get really good at it.

I wish everyone good luck in finding their dream job!:thumbsup:


Congratulations. Happy for you @draghiciuo :thumbsup:


Congratulations @draghiciuo! Could you tell us more about your coding journey leading up to getting your job?


I saw your portfolio and it looks awesome! Just wondering, where did you learn your CSS and other languages not taught at FCC? I know that CSS is taught but I really like your design and style of your portolfio.

Well done buddy! Always glad to hear about the success stories…

Onward to the future!


Thanks everyone.

@QuincyLarson About my journey… I started last year to learn to xhtml, css and javascript from a book and eventually found websites like codeacademy. But they weren’t so advanced as I liked so I continued by trying to create websites and figure stuff along the way as I built them with tutorials and keeping in mind the best practices. I focused a lot on best practices at the start since I actually want to be great at this :slight_smile: . After that, I found freecodecamp which helped me by practicing things that I may have forgotten and the best thing was that it gave a plan for the future as in what to learn/build next to be hireable. At some point took a few months off, and started strongly again by building websites and even signing up to cohorts, while looking for a job in a different city. Sadly I couldn’t do any project on cohorts since I actually got hired in the first week since it started. Luckly, they were understanding and supportive so everything turned out all right.

@njanne19 About where I learned what I know…well I can’t give you any links, I used google for everything I wanted to know. I eventually wanted to start a blog where I would document all of the tutorials I read and which I found usefull. But I can tell you that I first started to learn about what it takes to the best at this field(best practices, the way of thinking, order of languages to learn etc.) and I started following the list.

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