Starting My First Developer Job- Thanks to FCC

Good evening all,

Thanks to FreeCodeCamp, May 15th will be my first official day as a professional web developer.

Figured I’d put this out there for anyone wondering if FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum will get you there-- it will.

I have finished the front end section and worked my way up to the last set of projects in the back end section (I’m currently on the polling app).

Other than a bit of time studying how to use React for the FCC back end projects, everything I’ve learned so far was through the FreeCodeCamp curriculum or various related forums, StackOverflow posts, and free books/resources.

I still plan on finishing up the back end, then going through data viz as well, with the eventual hope of working with one of the non-profits that FreeCodeCamp has paired up with.

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll be glad to answer if I can!




Congratulations on your job! I had a question about how you prepared, can you give some insight on the resources you followed other than FCC? I’m quite done with FCC web development track and am planning to make a portfolio website, were there other website or courses that you also consulted?



Congrats! That’s awesome!

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I haven’t used much else specifically. I did reference the React docs and other random Google searches for learning React.

Also I read a couple of js books including Eloquent JavaScript (free) and Secrets of a JavaScript Ninja (library).

Then random browsing and answering of Stack Overflow questions.

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Congratulations! I hope that you’ll find time to stay active in our community and share your experience and perspective with us.