Got my first dev job after year/s of studying!

Hello, I just want to thank freeCodeCamp Community, and @QuincyLarson for establishing a community that help others. Asking feedback and meeting other people helped me get the set of skills I need in order for me to deliver the work for my first job. It’s my first freelance job and I am so happy that I made it.


What made me hyped up studying is when I first attended #freeCodeConfTO, freeCodeCamp conference in Toronto. I met Quincy, and other people that shared their journey as a de. It gave me hope that is like: “I can be a dev too” mindset. From there, I attended fCC meetups, started 100DaysOfCode for myself. I didn’t know i can pull up 3 rounds of 100DaysOfCode! Just keep pushing!!


What worked for my learning is attempting to make the front-end projects, RWD Projects, in FCC. Backed with online courses such as Udemy Web Developer bootcamp, Javascript30,,, and etc… My learning workflow is:
Course / Lesson -> tutorial example -> Personal Example / Playground -> code references -> Personal project -> Deploy

I hope i provided some inspiration, insights to all of you. I’m still learning as modern js workflow as of now. Happy Coding!


hey mate, you answered the first question I posted on FCC

congratulations with your job and i wish you success :slight_smile:

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Thank you @camelcamper! I wish you the best too on your dev journey :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats! Assuming you’re front end. Are you on a MERN stack now?

And FCC is great! :slight_smile: When I’m coded out, I love relaxing here.

Yes fCC is great! it pushes me to explore and helps me develop experience by working on projects.

Nope I’m not on MERN stack right now. Just backend (nodejs) without Mongo and frontend projects. If possible, I want to keep work leaning more on JAM stack / React + API services :slight_smile: