FreeCodeCamp just got me my first programming job!

And I haven’t even finished the front end course!

I never thought I’d be posting this so soon. I had hope that the projects and having a fleshed out portfolio would help me get a job in the future, but I never imagined it’d be just a couple of months in.

I recently saw an ad on StackOverflow for a company in Memphis that was hiring for an entry level front end position, and they needed someone who had some experience using JavaScript and jQuery. I sent them a message, explained my circumstances, and what I have been doing with freeCodeCamp, and just hoped for the best but wasn’t expecting much.

I got a call the next morning, and they wanted to interview me… I should mention that the ad said that interviewees would be given a test to see if their knowledge matched up with what they needed. The person on the phone also mentioned that they’d like to see some examples of code I’ve written, so I ported my portfolio project over from codepen to my Github Pages page (highly recommended), and added links to the most relevant projects I had done using jQuery.

The interview went extremely well. One of the people who interviewed me had my Twitch API project open and they were very impressed with my code. Toward the end of the interview, one of the interviewers asked the other if they wanted to go ahead and give me the test, and he shook his head no. FreeCodeCamp had not only gotten me an interview but they just had fast tracked me through the process as well!

Long story slightly less long, I was hired and started a very good job yesterday. I’m two days in but am really enjoying everything so far, learning the code base, jumping into an existing project that they were already working on (a web application using jQuery on the front end and ASP.NET and Visual Basic on the back end) and finally getting a chance to hone my skills in the real world.

I quit another very good job several months ago to do this. There were moments where I thought maybe I had made a mistake, but now I know I did the right thing.



Congrats! I’m sure you spent plenty of time and effort getting your pages set up in a way that made the opportunity possible, so take a victory lap!


Congrats!! I wish you the best of luck on your new job!!

If you don’t mind(I’m sure others will ask), could you show us your codepen/github projects?


I’m on my phone and don’t remember the codepen links but here’s my portfolio page, which contains links on the projects page to the ones I thought were the most germane to the job:

It’s not much to look at it, especially compared to some of the amazing portfolios I’ve seen on here, but it did what it had to do in this case. you can look at the other pages if you want but there’s really only anything on the projects page at the moment. I still need to flesh the other sections out a bit more.


What was your personal statement on your stack overflow CV?

not jealous, nope definitely not

Great work, man! I’m happy for you :relaxed:


That’s AWESOME! And super close to home for me, I’m in Knoxville!

Way to go, that’s really great to hear. I’m glad you found such success and now get to continue learning more!


Congratulations, if they have a remote position let me know. I’m stuck in NYC.

CONGRATS!! & FTR - I <3 Memphis!!! Way to go!!

Congratulations! Every effort has its rewards.


Congratulations!!! :smiley: Continue like this!


Congratulations ! :grin:

You may try this one.

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Congratulations! :beers:

Super inspiring. Well done @superking84 :slight_smile:

Congrats! Well deserved


CONGRATS!!! :sun_with_face:

wuh whaaaaat! Engineered truth is here! I love your youtube channel. I hope your boot camp is going well!


Great job! Am I next maybe :sparkler:

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