Hi! I'm new here. Any tips for shifting career as full stack web dev?

Can I ask any tips for those who have tried and finish the program while having a job not related to development?
I plan to shift focus of my career and become a full stack web developer. I already took some short courses on
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript.

How long do you think it will take to achieve my goal as a full stacked web developer? I plan to quit my job early next year to
focus purely on development. But right now Im studying during my free time.

TIA! for tips.

The short answer is: no one can know that without knowing a lot more about you.

These previous threads include anecdotes that may help you determine the answer for yourself:


Thanks for the resources

Brief insight about me. I have a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, We have programming classes back at college but I didn’t concentrate on that. We have C++ If i remember correctly. After working for almost 3yrs at an apple service provider as a Service and Field Engineer. I get to the point that I don’t want to fix things, I get tired of fixing their MACs and iPhones. Hahaha!
I wanted to create something I can be proud of, I was able to realized this after creating home network for our client at field I get a good sense of satisfaction when I create something. Then I met one of my colleagues friend and introduce me to web development, which is his job. It reignited my amazement on how the internet works, and I want to contribute to it. i want to create something I can be proud of and at the same time can be enjoy by others. Thats the time when I decided that I will pursue development.

Hopefully i will achieve my goals. :slight_smile:

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I believe it depends on that person’s learning curve and how driven you are.

I know someone who has no background in programming and software development but ramps up in 2 years.

Does this sound like someone that you know?
3+ year software web development
Hands-on experience in Angular 5/6 and SCSS/SASS are required
Experience in creating RESTful/GraphQL services and API endpoints
Strong knowledge of web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript-based web technologies
Positive attitude and ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced and task-focused team environment
**US citizens and green card holders only
Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in D3js is a plus.
Work experience in web development such as CSS3, HTML5, RWD, RxJS, GIT, and TypeScript strongly preferred
Knowledge of any other JS frameworks such as React, Node JS, unit testing, testing tools such as Karma, Mocha, etc.

Shoot me an email at joslyn@ownedoutcomes.com.
Thank you.