Fastest disciplined learner

What’s the minimum days/hrs taken by you to finish the front end challenges, data vis challenges, backend challenges or the entire challenge - full stack?

No one can answer that question for you.

It depends on your prior knowledge, your resourcefulness, your resilience, your motivation and many other things.

Also, it depends on what you mean by ‘finishing’ the challenges.

I have earned the Front End Certificate, but as I learn more and more while working on other projects I realise that I haven’t actually finished! I keep going back to my old projects and tweaking them, and improving them.

To be completely honest, the certificates are not worth much at all. Let’s say you earn the Front End Cert in 2 days. You may have met all of the task requirements, but your apps could be really terrible. If you try and get a job and say ‘Look at my certificate!!!’ but your actual apps are bad, no one will hire you :slight_smile:

On the other hand, there are members of our community that have gotten only part of the way through the first certificate and have managed to land jobs on the strength of their portfolios and networking.

So before thinking ‘What’s the fastest I can do this?’, instead consider why you want to complete the challenges and what true success looks like to you.

That said, it is possible to complete the curriculum much faster than the suggested time frames claim.

You may like to read this, but take it with a pinch of salt, because in all honesty everybody learns in different ways and comparing yourself to anyone else is pretty meaningless unless you know literally everything about them and yourself :slight_smile:


Hi Jackson,

You are bang-on on everything you said.
I guess I worded my question wrong. I only meant what’s the average and fastest a person has completed the challenges doing it systematically and in a disciplined way.

It’s very true that some people may have crappy projects made and a lot of learning still remains even after completing the course. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do things in the right way.

Mind if you could guide me along my way?

Stick around on the forums and you’ll find plenty of guidance :slight_smile:
I practically live on the forum, so if you ever have unanswered questions I’ll get to them eventually :wink:

For what it’s worth (i.e. not much), it took me 41 days to go from starting the HTML challenges to completing the Front End certificate. I spent about 2-3 hours a day on it.


The important thing is you start doing it. After reaching the projects and doing those, you will understand more about it. Do it for 10 days straight and you’ll answer this question yourself.

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I came in with some self-taught knowledge and was able to work on it full-time, so the front end only took me a couple of weeks. I finished all 3 within about 5 months or so, could have probably managed less.

I have been working on the front end for about 2.5 months full time (resigned from a full-time job to study hard). I have just completed the final front end project (Simon game) last week and am on the Smallest Common Multiple challenge in the intermediate algorithms (just over half way). I had almost no prior coding experience other than some very basic Ruby I had a go at some time ago and am not a natural born programmer. I am finding the algorithms particularly difficult as I am far from a good mathematician. Much of the Maths I need I am learning again for essentially the first time, having not done Maths since the basics in school almost exactly 20 years ago. Wonder if I should take a maths course online? That would probably would help. I remember Khan Academy have some.

I’m am constantly amazed at the guys and girls on here that can spit out stunning portfolios, and whiz through the challenges in a couple of weeks; I am in awe of you!

Looking back, I’ve learned quite a lot so far and am happy with my progress. Onwards to those bloody algorithms! Grrr! :-/