How long it takes to finish Front End Challenges

I want to finish all challenges and how long it takes to finish and get Certificate. I really need to improve my skills i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery and so on.

Each section on the map gives an estimate of how long it takes to finish that section. They seem to be reasonably accurate for an average native English speaker. If you have absolutely zero programming knowledge they’ll probably take a bit longer; if you have a decent amount of experience they’ll take a bit shorter. If your English reading comprehension is poor or reading speed slow, the heavily instruction-based challenges will take longer (but not the projects).

The projects can be done considerably quicker than the allotted time if you really go for a stripped-down “minimum-viable-product” version, or they can take considerably longer if you want to make them extra pretty or performant or if you want to add extra functionality.

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I’ve decent amount of expereince which just need to improve the skills. I have portfolio website as well.
So I can apply for Front End role. Before applying for job, I need to build more real website project, e.g. making website for nonprofit organization, charity etc.
If I’m stuck in some challenges, do I get support here?

Yes, feel free to seek help here.

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Thank you Jackson Bates!

took me 7 weeks, I stop working on a project once I fulfill the user stories and reverse engineer the functionality of the sample projects.
Just as a little context, I have a technical background but one that is not directly related with the industry. I was introduced to programming since the days of Pascal and FORTRAN, but it has never been my bread and butter, I have also in the past taught myself other computing languages (namely python and octave) but again never used them professionally, so I am not sure what level of understanding I have of them, my guess would be basic.