MY questions is how long will it take to finish the

*My questions is how long will it take to finish the development in web, or how long it take to finish front end challenges.

It is on your speed, If you learn 2hours a day then it may take like some months, or if you learn 4 hours it may take like 2 months.

I am saying for the whole Curriculum.

As i say before it is on your speed.
And i have found some links that will explian you more about this question

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It’s hard to estimate. The official estimate is 300hrs of effort per certificate on freeCodeCamp, but that varies widely from person to person. And there is always more to learn.

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Learning web development is a never ending journey. Besides learning html, css, and javascript you will constantly be learning other frameworks and libraries.

If you are currently working your way through the third certification the answer varies from person to person. I wouldn’t look at it in terms of time but rather how you spent that time. For example, you could spend x amount of hours a day speeding through the material and not understand anything or you could create a study plan where you develop a healthy basic understanding to work from.