How much time will this whole thing take

so i started freecodecamp today and i wanna do html,css,js,react,also some backend stuff and i saw that almost every course is 300 hours even if i give 40 hours a week it will take a lot of time so is the “300 hours” true or is it kind of an exaggeration. i know this can be a dumb question for some people but i wanna value my time:)

It completely depends on you. On your background, your previous experience with programming, and web development in particular. It also depends on if you just try to race through this as fast as you can or if you really take the time to learn it.

300 hours is purely a very rough estimate. If you have absolutely no experience at all then you will definitely be closer to that estimate, especially when you get into javascript.

i have some exp. in html and css and almost none in js i mean ik a lill bit of basics so ig i’ll get thru html and css kinda fast

it took me around two weeks to earn data structures and algorithms certification, I had previous experience solving these challenges about five years ago. even having experience some challenges gave me tough time and I understand them better than before. I spent nights and days to solve these challenges and On the contrary front end development makes me get bored very quickly

how much time did you give on daily basis @ghulamshabirbaloch

I dont know exactly, I think 10 hours in 24 hours average

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