Beginner searching for help for complete time study itinerary!

Hello there! I’m ‘new’ in the web development world. I wrote ‘new’ because I started learning about 6 months ago but I stopped my learning schedule for about 5 months. I kept studying but with far less time. I started studying on december but in january I began working in and accounting job and when I got back to home I was exhausted to study more than an hour, and sometimes I didn’t even had the energy to listen clearly to the video course or reading the freeCodeCamp instructions.

Now I have enought time and money to maintain myself for about 3-4 months and commit myself to a complete studying itinerary and change my career. What do you think is a good plan for this purpose? Maybe several course divides along the day? I have been thinking about keeping freeCodeCamp CV and YouTube paths, the Wes Bos free tutorials (Javascript 30 and CSS Grids), Eloquent Javascript book, some Udemy Courses (The Complete Javascript Course 2019 and Javascript Undestanding the Weird Parts), treeHouse paths and maybe reading the ‘You can draw in 30 days’ book (I heard in some video it can help in the Web development career). I got ALOT of time to studying and the reason to peek several courses is to rest a bit and not getting overwhelm by any of the courses. Also, do you have any recommendation of courses? I like the video type than the reading courses.

Thanks for your answers!:slight_smile:

The motivation is great but I think you have taken up so much courses and study material that it may actually get confusing/overwhelming.

Remember that each person has his/her own way of teaching. How they teach you here on code camp will be different from say Udemy or other courses.

I suggest sticking with one course for some time, one that covers all the materials needed for successfully creating websites.

For example, stick with Free Code as your “how to resource” then take a course on full stack development.

I am also an accountant but want to become a full stack developer.
I took up the course on CodecAcademy on build websites from scratch.
It helped me grasp all the fundamentals plus I made some great projects. I further used Free Code as a reference guide particularly when I got stuck and also for the other projects.

So try sticking with just one course and making sure you grasp most things from it and move on to the next tasks,… Looking for clients
Good Luck :slight_smile: