My study routine and tips for beginners

Hello campers! A little more than a year I started my studies in the field of web development. I knew absolutely nothing, now I have mastered some ablities. So I came to share my study routine with you.

I study five hours a day from Sunday to Sunday. I started my study through freeCodeCamp, then along with freeCodeCamp I started taking courses at Udemy and studying for books. Doing projects following tutorials is a great way to learn.

First of all I focused on studying programming logic to have a basis. After html, css and javascript. Understanding the fundamentals of a language is essential to better understand a framework such as React.js.

At first when doing projects following tutorials you will come across many mistakes that will require of you a lot of dedication to solve. After a while you learn how to interpret and deal with the mistakes that happens.

I would indicate studying enough data structure and algorithm, this will give you an incredible experience. Happy coding!