What is your way study as beginner

Hi All, I am at the beginning of learning to code. I took coding bootcamp lessons, I am in the middle of it. I am struggling as hell. I am not able to find the best way of learning, I am learning like 25 hours per week, next week I tired, I am learning just couple hours per week. the bootcamp take me like whole day 9-5, I tried to learn two hours before it, then like 3-4 hours after it, but I cannot taking for more than a week in a row.

What is your approach to learn? any advice will help



I am using Pomodoro technique which I read in an article at medium. Work 25-30 minutes on one task (task should be unique). Then take 5 minutes break. Walk or drink water, whatever you like, then start again. After two hours take a bit longer break (15 minutes would work).
You can modify it regarding your choice.
Secondly, environment does matter a lot. Your PC screen, brightness, and keyboard placement all define how long you work. If your eyes are souring after you left your PC, you should take this things into account. That’s all I know and these are working well for me.

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Thanks Hassan,
what about if you learn something in freecodecamp like in javascript are you going exercises by exercise or you trying to find other way to memorize it. Or you do more complex exercises after finishing section?

Hassan gave some great advice on time and surroundings.
When it comes to the code I would say that the best way is to learn how it is executed step by step, look what each function does by printing or writing to the log or console at every line, look at examples of what you are using and change some parameters to see what that change did. Play with the code, write it several times, I do not think that memorization will get you far, the logic in programming is about the same but the languages have small differences.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

In my opinion, freecodecamp challenges just expose you to the areas to work on. You just can’t rely on these challenges to build something meaningful or real world applications. I am doing Andrew Mead’s Modern JavaScript course and it is something that I would recommend to every beginner. After it freecodecamp challenges will not be complex to you anymore.