Studies Process

Hi all,

how do you study at FreeCodeCamp? How is your method?


by study two hours per day.

going slowly and more focusing


I go through the challenges, then once I arrive at the compulsory test for getting the certification I spend some times doing some readings to complete and better internalise what I know.
I think it’s the best, especially when starting a new field.

The best way to learn is by doing. I don’t really do the web stuff at the moment, but I stuck around because the people here is so awesome. I am currently studying java and do know html/css/javascript etc.

From my studying, I learn fastest is by making game projects. It pushes you to think of the “how to use” the code in combination with all the code elements.

In addition, I try to polish the projects to a presentable quality (if possible) and use it in my portfolio.

In terms of time spent, is on and off really. At the moment I do 6~10 hours per day. A lot of time is devoted to writing codes and making my project.