Study Duration In A Day

I’m new to freecodecamp. I’ve just started the curriclum a few days and have finished “Intro to Basic HTML and HTML5” and almost finished “Basic CSS”.
My question is: How long should I study and how much should I study in a day so that I don’t get overwhelmed but also progress at a fair pace?

It definitely depends on different people.

I would look into pomodoro technique where you can focus on something for some period of time then a short break, and so forth with this interval.

You will get an idea how much you are capable of studying a day after few sessions.


Thanks for the answer! I’ll look into it.

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As for the length of study, that depends on whether you’re studying it full-time or part-time.
If you’re studying it full-time, see it as a job whereby you spend most of your days progressing.
If it is part-time, you can put few hours like 3 to 6 in order for you to progress.

The estimation given above are solely based on my perspective and is by no means absolute.

Some paths will require you to study less because they will bring all new concepts. By less, I mean that you will have to refer to additional courses in other platforms so that you can understand it better and then come back refreshed and ready to progress.

In all the hours logged, if you feel that you understand the subject or topic well, keep progressing whether it is for an hour, two or more.

“Knowledge is power but understanding is everything”. Unknown

Keep a set time that you’re not willing to compromise based on your daily commitments.

On top of what I have said, realize also how early you would like to be job-ready if that is the case.
Write down when you would like to be on the job market with specific skills and that should help you reverse-engineer how long you would want to learn everyday.

I hope that the contribution helps.

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Of course it helps. Thanks!

At first you´ll be able to do a lot of hours because there´s no much complicated thinking and the “sistem” guides you so is easy, once you start advancing you´ll eventually will start to get tired at half hours you used to do.

I started like 5 hours a day, now I can´t get more than 4 25min pomodoros a day :sweat_smile: but as long as you don´t waste time you don´t need to worry. As they say, it´s not about working a lot but working smarter

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I’d say it depends on what your learning at the time.

Going through HTML/CSS sections is probably on the lower end of difficulty, so you can spend as much time as you want going through the challenges. Things will start getting interesting once you need to build a project. Depending on how well you remember the challenges and what they went over you could spend a good amount of time building up your site.

Later challenges, like some of the JS challenges, and later “larger” challenges could be much more difficult, and thus take much more time and thats ok. Depending on the person you could end up spending 30 minutes of pulling your hair out until you move onto something else (get distracted) or 3 hours. How you act then is what really matters. How you study now when the contents is relatively “simple” is less about the content, and more about how much personal time you have to provide. Once the content gets difficult enough where it determines how you feel studying/doing it is really where I recommend having a set schedule.

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I finished the HTML and CSS in 3 days and i’m spending sometime now learning CSS again from Lynda which studying Java script.
It depends on your final goal and how much you can apply what you have learnt in real project.
Try to make some HTML pages and style it using what you have learnt in CSS and check if you understand it completely, if it’s okay, move to the next lesson.
If you can study much everyday, make sure you will be able to continue like that and not stop after 1 -2 months.
Me myself, i would study for 1 hour everyday and i have been doing that for a few months now.
check other resources as well, you will gain much experience from it.