HTML & CSS Learning

Hey everyone i’m trying to learn html and CSS can u recommend how many projects to do in a day and how many hours to spend bcz i usually get tired when too much new knowledge comes my way and its hard for me to understand so what do u recommend

Well it obviously depends on how many you can manage. Resting your brain and understanding topics is important. So try and balance it out. One project can be done in one day or spread out over a few days depending on how fast your learning pace is. So you can sit for like an hour or more until you feeling tired. Or you can do a little, go do some other work, then do a little again until you feel like you have done enough.
Hope that helps.
Happy coding!

Hello Feroze. You’re very welcome to our forum.
You know yourself best. If a single project per day works for you, go for that, if you can only manage to study for 2 hours or 1, go for that. Do what you feel is best for you and what you’re comfortable with.