Is 2hrs enough 5 days a week

How good is learning 2hrs a day,
#js, #css #html
I also create web apps and new features

it depends, how do you spend those 2 hours?
completely focused on your job and doing hard things?
or watching video and doing easy things that make you think you are doing something?


consistency is the key, 2 hours every day for 1 year or 365 days will take you places.


Yes. 2 hours each day 5/week is enough. Even 1 one hour a week is enough. But it depends on your goals.

For me, it was a project I couldn’t put down, like a book or game I couldn’t stop playing. Something I wanted to create. I thought about it during work, couldn’t wait to work on it and didn’t want to turn it off.

I started with Twitch & Discord bots a few years back and eventually found my way here to FCC to improve my JS skills. My goal was to get better at making these bots.

Once I completed the JS, I decided to go through the HTML/CSS and had fun with it. It wasn’t satisfying me but I’m glad I did go through it. My projects sucked compared to the others I saw posted here in the forums. But I tried to make it fun, complete the challenges, get green check marks and be awarded a certificate. (I still don’t know Grid :frowning: )

Then I saw the Calculator & Clock projects using JS (React). And I wanted these. J.S. is fun for me, These should be easy I thought; the clock put me in my place and took me 10+ hours. (B/C i skipped some fundamentals, but I learned a TON reading console errors)

I guess my point is, the time spent is subjective.

Like mentioned above, watching a 2 hour Utube video and copy pasting along is worth little, but still mildly productive.

At 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. I would say you could complete the first certificate in 2 weeks if you are productive with it.


2hrs a day is consistent, but things really depend on your goals. If say you want to learn web development in general for a potential career change, 2hrs will get your feet wet. If you want to be hired in 6 months, and be able to build full stack web applications, then you probably wont make it.

If we follow the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, your looking at over 10 years of learning 2 hours a day, as the 10k hours estimation is 10 years, if you spent roughly 3 hours a day. By this time there will be newer things to learn which will delay mastery.

Its very possible your not looking to be an expert, which is probably more reasonable, but the 10000 hours is a good gauge.

You can also look at FCC’s own certificates for an idea of pace, but most of the number estimations are off, or don’t include the idea that there are other things to learn beyond just FCC you should know. Stuff like git, and best practices are inherently included, but are not gone over explicitly.

There are also people who just don’t have 2 hrs a day to learn new things. Life is busy, and it just might be too much of a commitment to dedicate 2 hours a day to learning.

The main thing I am saying is its all relative to your goals, there is no “one size fits all” approach to learning :slight_smile:


well, you say it already ur self: “i also create web apps and new features”

…so, yes, apparently it is enough for you, since ur developing apps already.

for me, personally, i wouldnt be able to do that with just 2 hours per day. congrats!


Personally I like to think in terms of projects done rather than hours.
Try to do a first project with create, read, update, delete features.
Then another project with database, then another…

The key for me is to take the code of my old projects and combine it with the next ones.

If every day you do 2h, but you need 30 min to understand your previous code, and did not apply your knowledge to some project, it is waste time and not motivating maybe…


Why bothering with big numbers like 10k hours? Keep learning as long as you are willing to do it and feel good everytime you start again. Learning more and more you will probably make modifications to your goals, interests, etc. Just keep showing up and dont bother with numbers and big expectations. Enjoy the process and be ready to learn whole your life.

I agree with the consistency answers, although some days may be difficult, it’s worth your while to try and pick up on it the next day. Don’t feel like you have to study every single day as that will stress you out and lead to burnout.

Actually yes about 2 -3 hours a day is perfect. I’ve been reading a book called Ultralearners and it covers learning and how elite learners do it. 100 hours of learning broken down by 2 hours everyday for 50 days is better than 2 weeks of cramming. You’ll retain the information longer.

So 2 hours a day everyday is best to keep you from forgetting and to strengthen what you learned previously. I did three hours today. One in the morning, afternoon, and evening. That way what I learned wasn’t fresh in my memory each instance. This made it so that I had to relearn, what I did prior. Which is good because the retention is stronger that way.

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We have an expression at work: “Just because you’re sitting there longer, doesn’t mean you’re getting more things accomplished.”

The fact that you’re asking this question is an indication that you feel you need to be doing more.

Try to set your self a minimum amount of time to really work on things, and be consistent.

When things are really clicking, stay with it.

If you need a break take one, but also don’t stop yourself from putting in some extra effort when you feel like it because it’s not the right day.