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Why do I keep seeing people saying they completed the whole thing in 2-3 weeks? It is supposed to take around 300 hours so are people working on it 15 hours a day or what exactly are they doing? I’m honestly confused and I’m not trying to sound impatient I am just trying to see what I could possibly change because at the rate I’m going (2 hours a day) I’ll be done with it in 5 months, then I still have far ways to go. I would work on it more each day, however I don’t quite have the time for it and I don’t want to get burned out quickly either. My question is how are beginners completing it in 2 weeks and what could I do differently?

Are complete beginners completing it in 2 weeks? Probably not. Not everyone who uses freeCodeCamp is a complete beginner to programming. Some people are just beginners to Web Development.

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They said they were complete beginners so I’m not sure. How many hours a day do you think I should put in each day to the point where it is not too little or not too much? My goal is to finish the first 3 by the end of this year, but honestly it might not be possible.

Lots of people lie on the internet or have a background that makes it easier for them to learn or have more time they can dedicate to learning than you can.

I’d focus on how much effort can you sustain. Learning programming is a marathon, not a sprint. If it takes a college student 4 years of work to get a degree, you should expect a commiserate level of effort to become job ready. That can often be done in less than 4 years, but usually more than 1 year.

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I don’t want to get a job from this, I just want it mainly as a hobby or potentially something I want to study in college. My goal is to finish the first 3 by the end of this year, how many hours should I commit to a day, like 4 hours? Also even if they are putting in more time than me, are they putting in 15 hours a day or something?

I can’t really say what is a sustainable number of hours for you - everyone is different!

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I mean, if I put in 4 hours a day could I most likely finish the first three this year? The 3 courses would take 900 hours on average and I am putting in 1,200 hours this year. Also is knowing web design a valuable skill outside of work? There are a lot of websites where you can easily create a custom website like shopify with no coding knowledge.

Its impossible for me to know how fast you can go. Literally. Seriously. The 300 hr estimate is just an estimate. Individual experience is highly variable.

Lots of people like to program as a hobby. It can be fun and useful, depending upon what you want to do with it.

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