300 hours? Responsive Web Design Cert

I have a question for the community.

The first part of FreeCodeCamp is Responsive Web Design Certification. This states that this part takes 300 hours including the projects.

I have finished the first 190 exercises or so in less than 10 hours and am now starting the projects.

Am I right in assuming that the projects will take me 250hours plus?

The pens you can fork for your projects are pretty much a minimum requirement. It is up to yourself to polish and improve them. If you want to put the projects in a portfolio, they need to be much better than just passing all the tests.

This is the time I’ve spent so far on the projects:

  • tribute page: couple hours
  • survey: 8 hours
  • landing page: about 24 hours (and still working on it)

I took more time each project to make sure it was as polished as it could be :slight_smile:

I think 250 is an over-estimation if you were able to fly thru the exercises without hitting any road blocks.

I’d be left to believe the 300 hours is a very rough estimation. Most (all?) certs state they have 300 hours worth of content but the content of each is different. So either all the content of each cert is scaled to “match” with 300 hours, or 300 hours is wrong, and thus an estimation.

I would not focus on the time you put in, rather I would focus on the skills you learn as that is what you really gain from FCC. Don’t worry about time, completion is not a race, or heck don’t even to focus much on the certs. It’s the knowledge and the time you spend working on the challenges and projects that really matters.


The “300 hours to complete…” is as noted pretty much a guesstimate - an average amount of time to complete it. It’s not a hard and fast rule either- some zip through, some take longer… and some start then stop for a few months (like me…)then start again- I’ve never really actually “timed” myself… I just stress myself out more doing that.

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