Am I approaching things wrong? Going too fast?

I just started Free code camp a couple days ago, and I’ve really been enjoying the lessons and how they build on one another. But what sort of sits at the back of my mind is that “300 hours” tag beside all the major subject categories.

I started at the beginning with responsive web design and basic HTML on Thursday. Did a bit more on Friday, Skipped the weekend because busy and have worked through this morning since about 10.

All in all, I’m about half way through applied visual design and it’s only been, well, I haven’t fully calculated yet but I can’t say I’ve put more than 6 or 7 hours into the whole thing.

If this is supposed to take 300 hours, am I approaching the lessons the wrong way? Will the time-sink ramp up as I move forward with longer activities at the very end?

I want to make sure I am doing this correctly and getting the most out of the lessons. I feel like I’m understanding everything so far, but I haven’t spent very much time with the project overall.

Do you think I am going too fast?

I’d say “Responsive Web Design Certification” definitely sholdn’t take 300 hours.
I think those numbers are from old curriculum, that was way more complex.

Not that it’s a race, but what would you venture your completion time was? If not 300 hours, maybe 20-30?

(I kinda just want to get a feel for how much time I should set aside each day to work on this as a side project)

The estimates are rough and your milage may vary. Different users will take more quickly to some subjects than others. That said, the challenges do get significantly harder as you go on and most of the time will be spent on the projects at the end.

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I was working through the old curriculum (look at my registration date on this forum), so my completion time won’t be applicable to the new curriculum (and honestly I don’t remember how long it took me).

Right now I’d say that I could complete “Responsive Web Design Certification” in few hours (all the challenges and projects), but I’ve no idea how hard it would be for someone with zero knowledge. But it sholdn’t take 300 hours.

the lessons will fly by…

Its when you start doing the projects, the time will tick away

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To master basic HTML and CSS doesn´t take 300 hours, but some 100-150 maybe…

I did the same as you, but then I realized when I started building stuff that I didn´t remember/understand the 95% of what I have completed. That´s because you will have to go constantly back to the lessons (and Google) to remeber how x thing had to be specified and specially, to really understand it.

If I had to tell you how many times I had search “DOM javascript” after doing so many challengues and exercises…