How long did it take you to complete (New) Responsive Web Design from top to bottom?

I just had the question because I feel I am taking too long, I am learning and retaining information beautifully I love the project-based learning I just feel I’m taking a long time and I wanted to sort of draw a timeline for myself because I know some people have finished the (New) Responsive Web Design in like days I’m approaching the finish line I only have about 2 more certification project but it’s been two months… ( I had no prior code experience)

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Hi @tauricewashington8 !

Is it possible to do it in a few days?
Depends on your prior experience.
Some people who go through the curriculum already have experience with HTML and CSS so it acts like a refresher for them.
When I went through the old curriculum, I had already been learning HTML and CSS for a month so I was able to move through it quicker then if I was starting from the very beginning.

Also, just because someone completes a course in a short amount of time, doesn’t mean they have fully built up a good starting foundation in the material.
I have seen people on the forum blaze through the courses and still have no clue what is going on because they moved to quickly.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing.
Just focus on learning at a pace that works for you.
In the end, when you get a job as a developer, no one will care how long it took you to get there.
I haven’t asked one co worker of mine how long it took them to learn HTML and CSS or how long it took them to get a job.
And no one has asked me.

All people will care about is can you code and are willing to keep learning and challenging yourself.

My advice would be careful about setting too strict of a deadline.
I have seen a lot of beginners want to set deadlines on when they should complete courses and the harder parts of the course slow them down and they end of cutting corners or quitting all together.

I think it is better to create a consistent schedule for yourself where you will learn a little bit each day.
By taking your time and learning it right, then you will learn more deeply and be better prepared for a job.

Hope that helps!


Hey @jwilkins.oboe thank you for your time and your words, Honestly that was really kind of you. I can tell you were very sincere with your words, It definitely helped hearing what you had to say especially since you actually do the work that I’m studying so hard for.

You were very human and you made me feel normal it definitely made me feel less anxious. Becoming a developer is very important to me I wasn’t learning a lot in college ( I’ve learned way more in a week on free code camp than I did in 4 months of college ) and I jumped into self teaching with freecodecamp with the hopes of achieving these feats super fast but I do understand nothing worth while comes easy ! and you’re right learning the material is way more important than completing it.

For me, I think it took 30-ish hours (like 2-3 hrs per day). That’s mostly a guess, and I didn’t put much polish on the projects. But take however much time you need. It’s not a contest.


thank you for sharing your timeframe with me, I just wanted to see what was possible because I’d like to learn & finish faster.

it takes as long as it takes. First time through anything is time consuming.

The curriculum has changed since I first got involved, I recall some projects like “Simon” taking me 2 months. But shortly after that I was contributing projects to the curriculum.

Being impatient may close off some of the neural circuits needed to solidify learning, so just keep working your way through.

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Don’t worry about the timeline, everyone learns at their own pace, and it’s great that you’re enjoying project-based learning. I understand that it can feel discouraging when you see others completing certifications quickly, but remember that everyone has different backgrounds and learning experiences. It’s important to focus on your own progress and growth.
The time it takes to web design varies widely. Some people may finish quickly, but others may take longer, especially if they’re starting from scratch like you. It’s all about the effort you put in and the depth of understanding you gain throughout the process.

Even though this thread is four years old, the topic of learning web design remains relevant, and your journey is worth sharing. Don’t be disheartened by the pace; everyone progresses differently. It’s fantastic that you’re retaining information well and enjoying project-based learning.