How long did it took you to finish the Responsive Web Design Cert?

I’m at day 8th and about to finish it, excited to progress and to enter the next certificate. Since I’m in quarantine, I’m working on it five hours average. Sometimes it can go up above than that.

I have no programming background and I gotta be honest, I have no Idea on what I was doing when I first started the course, I was so confused. After a couple of problem solving challenges, I finally gain an understanding of the basics and that’s where I got addicted and binged 10hrs the first day. I grasped too much information, my brain was so fried the first couple days lol.

Now I’m wondering if I’m doing it too fast.

if it brings you to burn-out, yes, you are going too fast

if you have not yet reached the projects, those should slow you down a bit, make something you can be proud of! (but don’t get lost in details, they need to be nice, not perfect)

and if not, JavaScript will slow you down for sure.

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Try to build good projects, it doesn’t matter the time, nobody cares about it. At the end of the day your projects are gonna talk.

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How do I start making projects though?

The JavaScript cert will for sure slow me down…

Towards the end of the course there are 5 projects that can get you started. You can also create your own projects if you find some of the prompt projects boring (like I did). Just think of a page you want to create and start working on it in a Text Editor or on one of the online editors like CodePen or JsFiddle or W3.

I, like you, started during quarantine and found myself quickly flying through the course. There is no right or wrong answer about how long it should take. Just make sure you’re understanding the material and give your brain a break every once in a while. It helps.