Received my responsive web design certificate

Hi guys! I got my responsive web design certificate a few days ago. I would like to share some information about the process. It took me a little longer than a month to complete the certification, while spending about 2 hours each day, without having any prior experience in web development. I am looking forward to learning javascript algorithms and data structures course. If you have already completed both certifications, please give a comparison. Thanks for reading.



well, the JavaScript certificate will start you back from zero for something completely different.
prepare yourself, it will need a different approach

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Congrats, wishing youall the very best

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Hey @arunakiri2016!


HTML and CSS are markup languages where javascript is a programming language. Not only will you be learning javascript syntax but you will also be learning programming basics. So there is a lot of information to learn.

My advice is just to take your time and not rush through the curriculum. A lot of people will rush through the lessons and look up answers all the way through and still have no idea about the basics. In my opinion, there is no benefit to that approach. The goal is not to put a time limit on how long you are going to learn.

You won’t become a master of javascript after completing the section but if you do it right then you should have a comfortable understanding of the basics as well as a process on how to solve algorithms.

Speaking of algorithms, there are two algorithm sections that are a little tricky for beginners. When I went through them, I had to create a method for solving problems and used google, mdn and stackoverflow to help me solve the problem.

I hope that helps and congrats again!

Happy coding!


Thanks. I am already preparing.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. That is some very valuable advice.