Good day, just wanted to ask how long it takes to finish Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours)

How long does it take if you are a “full time student” doing on JS and what does it mean for someone in general to have no previous coding experience to have both the Frontend (html/css) certificate and this Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification certificate?

It depends. What projects did you make, and what were your solutions to the problems?

Did you hack-and-slash your way to passing? Or did you execute a hack so elegant it should be appreciated like fine brandy? There are many ways to solve a problem with code.

There is no simple answer to your question. Virtuosity is one axis. Total person-hours of labor spent is another. Retention percentage is another. However, if you multiply all three, you may get a product that portends the ease with which you will learn more frameworks, languages, and patterns.

Hmm, I was assuming that completing the challenges without cheating and through your own code creation would imply competency and I suppose that’s the level I’m aiming for, competent enough. So I guess that’s how I’m framing the question. How long would it take to finish the challenge assuming that I finish it and become competent enough in the process (basically not just finishing it for the sake of finishing)

The time estimates are just that. Estimates. If you have no prior experience, syntax errors may waste a lot of your time. You could simply divide (300 Hours/ numHoursYouHaveToDedicateToLearningPerDay) and get a result in days, but that means you never “wandered off the path” to tinker around with CSS on W3schools. You never opened up a pen or a fiddle and answered a question you had for yourself. To quote Tolkien, “not all who wander are lost.” You want depth, but also breadth in your learning journey.

In terms of what it means to have gotten those two certificates, it means that you’ve gotten just enough experience to code some useful web pages using vanilla javascript, HTML, and CSS. You won’t know any frameworks yet, or how to stand up a web server. However, if you have a web host, you can write your own .html, .css, and .js files, and control the markup, layout/styling, and behavior of a simple web app with local state (it won’t be able to send data off to a server or vice versa yet).

that’s a long ass variable right there. That’s a sign you’ve been coding too much, hahaha.

Thanks a lot for this dude. This is the kind of insight that is immensely useful and helps a lot in terms on what to do next and when to know when “next” is. I appreciate the input dude!

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