Wow I got JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

Hi every one,
Today I’m very happy :laughing: I got JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

I started FCC java in April 22, 2019 and after learning at least 10 hours every day I got the certification in 10 days.

To be honest with you I felt my brain is burning but the method Read-Search-Ask helped me a lot.

What I learned is :
1-Know the syntax
2-Figure out how to solve the problem before start coding
3-Split the problem into small problems
4-Before start coding something: ask yourself may be there is a ready JS method (for example Array.isArray() is a ready method to test if an object is an array so you don’t need to code it again)
5-deal with js like puzzle and have fun

Wow you can’t believe how i feel today, after looooong nights , now I’ll take a break because I’m exhausted :sleeping:

Good luck for evey one


10 hours a day? You must a superhuman

You gotta pass me your nootropics stack bro

Congratulations! I have only left challenge to complete in my case (but it has taken me 2 months I think …lol)


Awesome job! That certificate feels super good, for sure, and I think it is where the light at the end of the tunnel really starts to shine. It is a great accomplishment working through all the algorithms, and your bullet points on what you learned I think reflect exactly the intent and benefit of the course.

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Thanks a lot

about the 10 hours to be clear it’s not continuous, I’ve about 3 hours morning then about 4 hours afternoon and finally about 4 to 5 hours at night

I don’t know but I felt addictive and impatient to get the certificate And honestly some times I felt my brain is burning when I stack but i couldn’t stop . Now I feel good

Thanks again and good luck for both of us bro

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You’re reading my mind man, Yes really This certificate is like light after the tunnel.

Thank you so much

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Hi Salim, does one get the certificate solving the questions at the end of the tutorials as well?

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the only thing you need to do to get a certificate is to complete the projects - all the other challenges are there to teach you/prepare you but are not mandatory

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Hi jakazzy
welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face:
As said ieahleen you’ve 5 projects to do to earn each certification

Good luck


ok, Thanks so much ieahleen, i just completed the algorithm challenges
Palindrome checker,
Roman Numeral Converter,
Caesar’s Cipher,
Telephone Number Validator and
cash register. Are those the projects for the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification?

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Thanks so much @SalimDev :grinning:

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Yes now go to setting in your account then accept the Academic Honesty Policy.
after this click on claim certification


Thanks so very much @SalimDev I just got it :grinning:

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Congratulations :grinning: !!!

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Thanks so much!!! and same to you too :boom:

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Ten hours …
I see the certificate and it stimulates me.


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I’m sure that you’ll get it, just keep working hard

Happy coding

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Awesome! Congratulations. :+1:

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Congratulations @SalimDev
I wish you the best.

I want please, so how does someone apply the knowledge that earned you your latest certificate to real life situation now???

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Thank you so much !!!

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Brother PapiCode, now I’m learning react and I can’t imagine my self will understand react without javascript foundation.

React now is the most popular js framework and without a good foundation in js you can go far

This is the 1st fruit of learning js and I’ll see what next …

My advice learn and understand Javascript you’ll need it soon