Finally got my JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

Took me 35 days total. 7 days in August 2020(till first few exercise of ES6), 1 day in April 2021, 11 days in May and 16 days in June.(I know pretty bad record) Took so long because of not being committed. This time around I have been having a commitment of coding at least one hour everyday setting timer on phone and all. And even today I won’t be taking a break and will start the next certification sometime today. (Really hoping that I can complete it and not like this one where I left in the middle)

For those who are thinking about doing. It’s not as easy as the Responsive Web Design certification. But be calm(drink water lol), have patience, commitment and you’ll get through it. The section I disliked the most was ES6 needed a lot of patience to go through it. The most fun section was Basic Algorithm Scripting even though it was not easy. The hardest problem for me was finding the sum of prime number(I looked up algorithms to this one like the challenge suggested) and overall the advanced algorithm scripting was tough.

Algorithm scripting is hard. It’s fun but don’t give in to the urge to look up the solutions. Take 2-3 days. Keep working on it. It’ll help you grow your skills and at the end you’ll be more satisfied. Search for your questions and if you didn’t find then ask questions here.

Maximum amount of time I spent coding in a day was 10 hours or so in the very last project which I finished in one day though I wouldn’t suggest this approach and instead take breaks and complete in 2-3 days instead. On an average I spent 2 hours per day but there were some days especially during the scripting challenges where I spent several more hours.

Lastly I would like express my gratitude to everyone who helped along the way. It’s the help and support of the FCC forum community that kept me going.
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Congratulations on the hard work, and well deserved certificate!

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Hi @ankurchaulagain !

Congrats! Just keep taking it one day at a time! :grinning:

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Thank you. It was realising that I’ve to put a lot of work in this certification in the beginning after a very smooth Responsive Web Design certification that turned me off.

But, like one of the quotes in the FCC website said, “Without hard work nothing grows but weeds”.

Thank you. :slight_smile: Yes putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, one day at a time one challenge at a time. :pray:

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This is a nice advice.

Congratulations on your accomplishment. Now, you’re done with one, tighten your seatbelt and get ready for a bigger rollercoaster. Keep on coding. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just finished this problem and felt so stupid because I could not figure it out. Glad to hear I’m not just getting dumb with age and there are other people having issues with these problems. I honestly hate this JavaScript stuff most of the time. Thinking maybe front end design is more my style.

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Yesterday on day 1 of the front end libraries certification, to my surprise I completed almost 60% of the first chapter/section bootstrap.

Heard from other people that React section was harder waiting for it on come. Hopefully it won’t be extremely hard.

I too felt that having to looking up the solution for this problem despite solving everything else on my own trying to maintain a “record” of not looking up solutions rather asking questions if really frustrated and stuck. But FCC themselves mentioned that part of coding is doing research understanding other people’s algorithm and that recreating ourselves was going to be difficult sometimes. I think the purpose of this problem was to teach us to go out and look for algorithms which they themselves linked a stackoverflow link to.

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