PASSED! JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

I’m so happy that I wanted to announce that I cleared the " JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures" Certification. It was a long 5 months. All done without asking for help on how to solve problems or looking at stackOverFlow.

Note: I’m not saying that looking for assistance is bad, however, prior to me starting this FCC journey, i’ve noticed that people tend to give away the answer.

Now, whether I accept those answers or not doesn’t change the fact that i’ve ‘seen’ the answer and can’t ‘unsee’ it, therefore it will affect my thought process.

Since I’m not on the job, I wanted to really force myself to think about the problem before even attempting to type code or ask for help.

How did I do it?

  1. Chipping away at it literally every day.
  2. A lot of pseudoCode! - using paper and pencil. More often then not, I would spend days not coding and would just have a notebook writing out both pseudoCode and the problem over and over again from different angles; which made coding the final product easier and faster.

For those of you who are still in the process of “certing up”-- keep pushing!

On to the Next!



And without ‘searching’ for help is impressive!

But; I will warn you that ‘finding answers’ is a skill that you will need as you continue on. Some of the later challenges will have issues when you get into the 5th/6th Certs. They are updating many things, but some issues slip through. You can check here on the Forum or the GitHub issues

Congrats again! and Happy Coding!

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Noted! thanks for the tip and praise, much appreciated. I will check out the link you provided as-well.

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Congratulations! Here on the forum we do try to prevent people from seeing solutions when they just want help, because we know how frustrating that is. If you ever see a solution being given to a question, please flag it so a moderator can remove the “spoiler”.

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Nice! Congratulations! You’ve done much better than I have - I’m afraid I’m TERRIBLE at looking at the solution all too often… :sweat_smile: but I’m getting better at it!
I wonder, did you have any coding experience prior to doing this cert, or is FCC your first time learning about it?

I wish you luck moving forward! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I played around with python for about a year before dropped the ball. Picked up JavaScript in end of 2018.

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Not a problem. will do